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Executive Leadership Summit

Executive Leadership summit

Thursday, February 22nd

The Cutting Edge of Digital Marketing 

This event is designed for C-suite executives and is open to invited guests who have pre-registered.  


Does your team support your company's vision?
Do your employees understand where you want your business to go?

While digital marketing has been around for decades, new innovatons mean companies can use marketing to see better results. Join IQnection to discuss marketing tactics you can use to best connect with your customers in 2018!


Sponsored by IQnection

Location:  1456 Ferry Road, Suite 325    Doylestown, PA 18901

8:00am - 8:30am:      Breakfast - Network with your peers
8:30am - 10:00am:    Presentation by IQnection and panel featuring Jim Bishop


Leaves.jpgPanelist ProfilesLeaves_2.jpg

Jim Bishop, President and CEO - The Cornerstone Clubs  


Since 1995, The Cornerstone Clubs have been a resource for health and fitness needs and experiences in Bucks County, PA. As President and CEO, Jim has built not only a community focal point, but a highly motivated staff of people who are sincerely interested in educating, training and motivating everyone who walks through the doors of their three locations. Jim is passionate about the benefits of exercise and increasing quality of life through fitness.   r

More panelists to be announced soon!


IQnection Executive Summit