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Executive Leadership Summit

Executive Leadership summit

Thursday, June 7 

"Successful Businesses balance performance today with growth for tomorrow."  Bill O'Shea

This event is designed for C-suite executives and Sales and Marketing Directors and is open to invited guests who have pre-registered.  


Business value is created when a company focuses on its Leadership, Operations, People & Organization and Strategy & Growth. These disciplines are woven together in a business, but lack of focus in any area can lead to missed opportunities or worse, destruction of value.

Join Bill O'Shea for this presentation on the factors you need to grow to create real & tangible business value.

• The factors that comprise a business valuation.
• How a business valuation is performed.
• What is needed to improve operations to generate greater value.
• How to create a resilient and sustainable organization.
• Understand that Growth is good, but not all growth is equal.
• The system of metrics that shows what success and progress 
   towards the goal looks like.

Sponsored by IQnection

Location:  1456 Ferry Road, Suite 325    Doylestown, PA 18901

8:00am - 8:30am:      Breakfast - Network with your peers
8:30am - 9:30am:       Business Value - Bill O'Shea 
9:45am - 11:00am:    How to Build Brand Equity - Leslie Richards


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William O'Shea, CEO -  W & C Associates

Bill O’Shea is a hands-on business leader who provides operational and business support for small to midsize Industrial companies. After 30 years leading industrial product, process and project companies, Bill brings a wealth of experience and vision to help organizations capitalize on today’s opportunities, overcome obstacles to growth and prepare themselves for transition.  


Bill earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College and an MBA from Lehigh University. Bill has attended programs in Building Corporate Entrepreneurship at Stanford University and attended the Advance Management Program at Harvard Business School.


Leslie Richards, Creative Director - IQnection

LeslieLeslie Richards has been the Creative Director at IQnection for over 14 years. As an experienced leader in marketing and design service delivery, she has led her team through the creation of hundreds of online campaigns and over a thousand websites. She loves bringing client brands to life, managing cross-functional teams, and helping all stakeholders make their way through complex projects. Prior to coming to IQnection Leslie was the website producer for Films Media Group in Princeton, where she worked on PBS accounts including Nova, Bill Moyers and the American Experience.


IQnection Executive Summit